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What Makes Them Beautiful

Mister Crawford’s daughters were known for being the sweetest and most beautiful women in town. 

It was no secret however that all three girls were spanked by their father. Every Sunday after church you could see three well shaped women walking around in beautiful dresses searching for the best switches. After each gathered a handful they would silently walk back home to present the switches to their father.

The single men who knew them hung around their yard at the same time every Sunday. By two o’clock they could hear the screams and moans that the girls made every time they felt the sting from the switch.

Inside, they imagined, were three undressed daughters being spanked by their father for their misdeeds. 

The Spanking Express



Have you ever wondered what happens to naughty moms in Christmas time? Especially to those who threaten their kids that Santa won’t show if they misbehave? And especially the ones who don’t really believe in him?

On Christmas eve, many years ago I laid quietly in my bed. It was long day getting after the kids, getting the house ready for our Christmas party, and despite my efforts I was far from done.

The worst part was that I lost my temper with my son. Even though he’s been good year around, I was upset when he accidentally broke my favorite dish and I told him Santa wouldn’t come this year.

I was about to go apologize, when I suddenly heard a sound I’d never thought I’d hear, especially not in our front yard. I felt the ground shake, and my room was lit by a bright light coming from outside. Then a loud sound of a steam engine I heard and it appeared before my eyes.

The conductor stood by the car and looked at my window. I put on my slippers, a robe over my nightie. I then walked downstairs and out the door.

“All aboard,” the conductor said. I can’t explain why but every part of me told me to obey.

“Where?” I tried to resist.

“Why to the north pole of course,” he answered.

I looked inside my pocket where there was a ticket, he marked it then without another hesitation I went inside the mysterious train.

The car was full of other women my age. They all looked as if they were taken from their beds wearing pjs, robes, nighties, and sleep shirts.

We looked outside and the snow was far more dense and could not see anything past the glass. Was must be getting near, but whatever spell there was on us, we could not say a word. Then the crew came and gave us each a red box. We opened it to find a Santa dress.

Each woman was escorted to the back car of the train, but when they returned they had changed to their Santa dresses. When they returned they looked nothing like when they were pulled out of bed, but rather stunning.

It was a Velvet red dress, with furry white trim around the breast area. Our skirts’ hem was also decorated with furry cuffs. In our waist we wore a black leather belt. We put on white stockings that had little red bows with a jingle bell and bow in our thighs. So you can hear when each lady walked down the hall of the car ringing the jingle bells with each step.

To top it all off, we wore Santa’s hat. What was most interesting was the pair of white cotton panties that was part of our outfit. Even under the trains spell I wondered, why would anyone care what we wore under our skirts.

Also, I wondered, “why is my skirt long enough to only cover my bottom…” if only I had known it was because I wouldn’t need nor be able to cover my bottom.

Finally, we arrived at the North Pole. The women, including myself, lined up behind the conductor. He walked us into a large room filled with elves that had surrounded an odd shaped bench that had a narrow padded seat and table . Even for elves it looked uncomfortable. Most interesting, were the restraints that was on one side of the bench.

We all faced the strange padded bench then we saw Santa Claus walk in and stood in front of us.

“Merry Christmas! I’m so happy all of you came. This is a very special part of my job, because, it is you mommy’s who help the children believe in me. But, you’ve forgotten the meaning of Christmas. Instead of enjoying your time with your family, you are stressed with everything else. All of you girls, would be on my naughty list, but I’m giving a very special gift today. But first each one of you must be spanked.”

After his speech, each lady took turns being restrained by the elves to the bench. Once restrained, our skirts were lifted and our panties were lowered. When it was my turn I felt humiliated, but not because my bottom was bared nor because I was being spanked like a little girl. Instead it was because I remembered vividly how I got upset with my son. Then I felt a sting on my bottom with a black leather strap. Despite the blistering cold of the North Pole, I felt my bottom burning! I cried out, “I’m sorry!” although, my thoughts were not all together. I cried and sobbed but Santa continued to strap my naughty bottom making sure I was a good girl this year.

After he would finish strapping each woman, an elf came and told us to pick up our panties from the floor. He walked us and had us face the wall. Then another elf climbed a step ladder to tuck our skirts into our belts and show our glowing red bottom. Another elf grabbed our panties and had us hold them with our teethe. Still another elf told us to keep our hands behind our heads.

I could hear and picture the sound of every mother after me being strapped. She cried and pleaded but it was clear to all of us that we needed to be punished. Not one of us left that night without apologizing or learning what we should know about Christmas.

When I got back on the train, my ticket was marked with”humility.” I haven’t been humble this holiday. Instead, I was stressed, difficult, and worried about impressing our family this Christmas. But the spanking Santa gave me made me humble, and I can enjoy Christmas like never before.

All the women, including myself, fell asleep on the way back. It must’ve been the spell that was still on us because the last thing on our mind was sleep.

The next morning, I woke up on my bed. My son came into my room and laughing he looked at me and said, “Mom you’re not Santa! Why are you dressed like that!


Man of the House 

I stood naked facing the corner when my stepbrother Jimmy asked, “Mommy why is Sandy in cornertime?” 

I always found it sweet how concerned he would get over me when he saw my stepmother punish me.

My stepmom replied, “Your sister was a bad girl sweety, that’s why I gave her cornertime.”

“Does that mean you’re going to spank her?”

“Yes honey, we always spank her when she misbehaves.”

“But I wanted her to play with me,” he said.

I had promised him earlier I’d play with him in my free time. I hadn’t expected to get in trouble with my stepmom though. Now I had to stand naked in the kitchen corner waiting for my stepmom to spank me.

“Aww… I’m sorry honey, but how would you like to help me punish your sister?”

“Okay!” He said eagerly.

“Your sister is so lucky to have a sweet boy like you willing to help her get disciplined. I want you to take your sister to your room and have her wait for you facing the corner. Now, in the drawer next to my bed there’s a paddle, go and get it. Then, bring it with you to your room. Tell your sister to grab her knees. Then, with the paddle you’re going to spank her bottom as hard as you can 20 times. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes mommy,” he said.

Jimmy took my hand and said “come with me Sandy, mom wants me to spank you.” i followed him to his room with no hesitation.

I could tell he didn’t want to hurt me. But my step mom has always been very demanding of me for some reason. Thus, getting my bottom spanked was not rare at all. I knew that after my stepbrother spanks me today, she would not hesitate to put him in charge of my discipline just to humiliate me.

I waited facing the wall naked while he fetched the paddle. He looked so worried for me that I felt the need to encourage him.

I got on my knees to look into his eyes and I held his hands. “Hey, don’t feel bad. Mom wants you to spank me because I was a bad girl, but it only hurts for a little bit.”

“Really?,” he said in relief.
“Yes really, I promise.”
“Why does mom spank you so much Sandy?”

“Because she feels it’s the best way I learn. So you see, you shouldn’t be afraid to spank me because thats how I can be a better sister for you. Also, remember that Our dad is always working so that makes you the man of the house.”

“So does that mean the man of the house has to spank the girls in the house?”

That’s not exactly what I had in mind, but I didn’t want to confuse him so I agreed.

“That’s right, so when you paddle me, just pretend you’re dad trying to make me a better Sister.”

“Okay Sandy, put your hands on your knees please.” And I did.

I knew it wouldn’t be the last time my stepmom would send my stepbrother to spank me. So I might as well make it easy for him.

I put my hands on my knees and he swung that paddle as hard as he could. I tried to help him keep track by counting out loud.

When he finished I said,

“Thank you for spanking me Jimmy.” 

“Did it hurt?” He asked concerned.

“A little, but spankings are suppose to hurt.”

Surprised at my reaction he asked, “now what?”

I took a quick peek at my bottom to see how he did. He left a nice bright shade of pink with the paddle. Stepmom would be proud.

I explained, “Now we go show mom how well you spanked me, let’s go.”

We got to the kitchen and she greeted us saying, “hey honey, how did you do? Did you make it hurt? Let’s see, Sandy turn around so I can see how well your brother spanked your naughty bottom.”

I obeyed.

“Aww, that’s very good! look how nice and pink it is!”

Proud of his mother’s remark he said, “Sandy told me that while dad’s away I’m the man of the house and I shouldn’t be afraid to spank her when she deserves it.”

“Why yes you are! My strong little man! She’s one fast learner isn’t she?” She commented throwing a sarcastic look at me.

“Mom, does that mean I can spank you too?” 

“Why would you want to spank mommy sweety?” She said innocently.

“Because you’re mean to Sandy sometimes.”

I did not expect to hear him defend my cause. Much less hear him threaten his own mother with a spanking. But part of me enjoyed seeing her fill in my shoes for once.

“Honey, I was just trying to help your sister be better behaved sister.”

“I think you need to be better behaved than her, mom, now undress like Sandy so I can paddle you!”

She thought for a moment.”Honey this is silly, you can’t spank your mother.”

He quickly added, “But you said I’m the man of the house. Are you lying too?”

She never told him no to anything and it looked like she wasn’t going to start now. She took off her clothes. Off came her dress, bra, and panties until she was completely naked as I was.

“Okay, now grab your knees. I’m giving you 20 just like Sandy.”

She bent over grabbing her knees, leaving a clear shot for him to spank. Raising the paddle he began and didn’t stop until she got her 20 swats with the paddle.

Once it was over he told us to stay undressed. Just how my stepmom always had me after I was punished.

“Good now both of you girls face a corner,” he ordered.

“But I thought I was already done with my punishment,” I argued.

“Sandy, I decide when you need cornertime.”

With no further comment I went to the corner next to the one my stepmother stood at. He had us stand there for at least 15 minutes.

“Why did you tell him he was the man of the house,” she asked as we washed the dishes later that day.

“I knew you’d have him spank me again and I didn’t want him to feel bad.”

“that’s true, but now he thinks he’s in charge of us because we’re women.”

“Well he really is the man of the house for now. Besides I thought the spanking he gave us was really fair. You were mean to me. I think having someone else in charge is good for us.”

“You’re right, I’m so sorry… For now on we stick together. Hopefully my son won’t find more reasons to spank us…”

Enslaved By Him

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away lived a princess named Alice. It was a critical time amongst the realms. Some fought for survival, others for conquest, and still others for wealth. Alice’s father was one of the few who successfully preserved peace in the kingdom. Despite its small size, the land was rich and blessed its inhabitants with all its wealth.

In the neighboring kingdom, rose a king who knew no boundaries. Unlike his father, the king was ambitious and took whatever he desired. After Alice’s father, Edward, heard the reports of the neighboring king’s doings and how he had conquered a smaller realm in the east, he worried.

King Edward wished to establish peaceful relations with this new king. He invited the king to hold  a feast in his honor. The king accepted his invitation and paraded in the city. With him came many troops and steeds. Musicians led the way and the city watched entertained.

Meanwhile, Alice watched him make his way down the main road that led to the castle. She could not overlook the arrogance of the king. He entered the city as though he had returned victorious from war. The king made sure everyone was aware of his arrival. King Edward knew that their guest intended to flex his muscle to the kingdom. Instantly, Edward knew there would be no way to keep peace between both the kingdoms.

The kingdom’s last hope was Alice.

King Edward agreed to give to him his daughter, Alice, as his bride. Both kingdoms celebrated this newly bonded alliance.

Alice, was broken hearted in leaving her home behind. She remembered her princess upbringing and knew this was the best way to serve her people. In the night of her wedding, she was brought to the chambers of this stranger who was now her husband and king. Every inch of her was repulsed by the ambitious and cruel man. Yet, her thoughts and feelings were left at the door. In the chambers she was his wife and his queen.

She disrobed before him. With not a word he came to her and threw her over the bed and opened her legs. She felt him go inside her and thrusted with much force. Her thin waist allowed him have a grip on her and he pulled her in and pushed her out.

Those who knew the king also knew he was not a man of his word. He took Alice from her father Edward and now was after his kingdom. Alice tried to intervene but after much nagging the king had her locked in her room. She demanded to be released and broke her furniture to be heard. The guards, being annoyed by her persistence, requested the king to discipline her. The king still enjoying the view of looking at his ‘queen’ offered the guards to discipline her personally in his court. Around Alice’s neck was a collar with a leash with which she was led. Her escorts placed shackles on her wrist and ankles, naked she walked, from the dormitory to the royal court. Everyone in the castle admired her beauty.

The large doors to the court were opened. She saw the council on each side of the king, a wall of guards that stretched from the entrance to the throne, and his servants. In the center of the room was a stock. The guard placed her head and hands inside the stock and had it locked. Her feminine parts exposed to the king. Everyone in the courts remained to witness her humiliation.

The king rose from his throne and walked towards her. A guard handed him a strap. He boasted in taking her virginity, her freedom, and her kingdom. Without another word he strapped her bare behind. Alice’s knees caved in because she could not bare the pain she felt from the strapped. She cried for mercy, but not was given to her.

Alice could no longer stand. The stock was the only thing holding her up. The king had a table to be placed under her to raise her parts. He went inside her before the court and invited the council to participate.

From that day on, Alice, the once beautiful royal princess, was a slave in the courts. No clothing was ever given to her. Never did she rest from her chains. If she chose to rebel, even the servants were allowed to strap her.

The princess was never rescued by a prince nor a king. She was enslaved by him.



Correcting the Teacher

“The school could have been in serious trouble if this man had formalized a complaint or worst, file a lawsuit. What were you two thinking?” said the principal.

“I’m sorry,” was all I could say. I felt terrible and like a complete failure. All I ever wanted was to be a great teacher and inspire children. Now I feel like the worst person in the world. I can’t say the other teacher feels the same way. She’s been in working in the school longer than I have, I’m sure she’s seen this happen before.

It was a day like any other. The last bell of the day rang, telling us it was time to take the students to the front of the school to be picked up by their parents. I was distracted watching over all the kids in my class when a woman approached me asking me to release one of my students to her. I had never seen her before, but having my hands full with my class I let her take the boy. After I came to my senses, I realized she must’ve been the parent I was warned about with a restraining order and I just helped her violate it.

I wasn’t the only teacher. Apparently, the boy had a brother who was in another class. His teacher was also deceived by the woman. 

I heard that the issue had been worked out with the parent, but we’re still not off the hook.

“As you two know this is a very serious matter, you two should really be more careful. Anyways, I’m sure you ladies will be happy to know that we’ve been able to ease the situation with the father and has agreed to not push on the complaint. Your jobs are still secure.”

This was really good news, ever since the incident I haven’t had a single peaceful thought.

“However, the terms of agreement are rather…unconventional.”

“Unconventional…” mumbled the other teacher. I felt even more worried when I saw the mortified look on her face. Apparently, even for a teacher with her years of experience this was very unusual.

“Yes, well, after reviewing our options and trying to reach an agreement with the gentlemen, he felt that teachers should put as much effort into their jobs just as they expect their students to perform well. He also added that he expects the school to discipline the teachers responsible,” he paused, “He also requests to participate.”

“Participate?” said the other teacher, “Aren’t we just getting a write up on our file?”

“No, the father of the two boys has requested to spank, or should I say, cane both of you.”

The other teacher moved to the edge of her seat and yelled,”What? That’s absurd!” 

“I’m sorry Miss but this is really in the best interest of the school. Now you can accept this decision or submit your resignation. I need your answer by the end of the day. If you accept the terms, the man and his sons will be here first thing in the morning to conduct your spanking.”

We were then sent back to our classrooms. As I entered the classroom I could see the boy I had wrongly released to the woman. I wondered to myself, ‘does he have any idea what his father wants to do to me?’ Looking at him just made me feel worst. I couldn’t react in anger as the other teacher did. I was wrong for not being careful and I should be responsible for these kids. If anything, I think a spanking would ease my conscious and give me that inspiration I had lost after that day.

The next morning, I went straight to the office. I agreed to the terms. I had trouble sleeping just thinking about what was about to take place this morning. I wish I knew if the other teacher had agreed to the terms too, then I would be comforted knowing I won’t be the only one. I entered the office and there sat the principal, the father, and his two sons.

The principal greeted me, “Good morning, please take a seat.”

As I sat I felt the eyes of my students’ father devouring me from head to toe. I don’t doubt he enjoyed the idea of having me completely at his mercy. I didn’t mind. I knew I did wrong, and I am determined to accept whatever he thinks I deserve.  Shortly after, the other teacher entered the room and found a seat.

“Now that we’re all here lets get started. Sir, is there something you would like to say to our two teachers here before we begin?”

“There is actually,” he said, ” I never expected two teachers at the same time to overlook this. If you ask me, I think all your teachers should get what these two are about to get for their carelessness.”

“Thank you, I think you’re absolutely right. Ladies, bend over my desk and lift up your skirts.”

“But what about the boys?” I asked.

The father jumped in, “What about them? They were the ones affected don’t you think? If anything they should be the ones spanking you.”

We realized that we were in no position to comment or question their orders. I slowly leaned my face near the desk and lifted my skirt. I then rested my hands on the surface of the desk. The other teacher bent over next to me but she refused to look at me or anyone in the room. We waited with our skirts raised above the waist exposing my white lace bikini panties. The principal had chosen to stand in the corner of the room behind us, no doubt to get a perfect view. I could hear the steps of the father behind our bottoms. With the corner of my eye I could see him raising the cane. I cringed in anticipation.

Then I felt it.

‘Swooosh’ went the cane followed by a sting in my bottom. After taking a swat on me he turned over to my colleague and did the same to her. I could hear her groan and see her fist clenched as she tried to show no sign of weakness. No doubt, she was a strong woman and I wondered if the cane would be enough to break her.

Meanwhile, I tip-toed after every hit and found myself grabbing the edge of the desk as tight as I could. After the fifth swat or so,  he slipped his fingers into my panties and pulled them down. I can only assume he did the same to the other teacher. My attention only focused on my aching bottom and humiliation.

I cried and bent my knees as if by doing so it would ease the pain. I caught myself moving my bottom to my side to avoid getting hit in the same spot by the cane. My colleague  must have done the same because the man complained,

“These women won’t stay still. Boys, how about you guys take a turn at your teachers while the principal and I pin them down to keep them in place.”

Both the men came to our sides holding us down by the waist. With our panties already on the floor the boys got the cane and “swooshed” across our bare bottoms.

“owww, owww, owww” I yelled. With the cane in their hands it hardly took any effort to make it hurt.

To my surprise, I could hear the other teacher scream, “I’m sorry!” repeatedly. I never did see her as one to apologize, but under the circumstances she had no choice.

“Oh you will be,” replied the father.

The sound of our screams and cries were no doubt being heard by the staff at the office. By the end of the day, we’d be referred to as ‘the teachers who got spanked.’

I lost count of how many times the father and the boys had spanked me. By the time it was over, the other teacher and I were so sore from our bottoms that neither of us stood up to get dressed.

“Ladies, please be courteous and stand up to apologize for your careless actions to this family.”

Despite my humiliation, I had no desire to put on my panties over my sore bottom. We both stood up and faced them. I said, “I’m really sorry. Your son is a great student and I have no excuse for what happened. But I’m really sorry and you won’t have a problem with us again.”

“Very good,” said the principal, “now thank them.”

“Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.”

“Good girl, what about you miss?”

I could tell her pride refused to be broken despite her red face, smudged make-up, and stripped bottom. Still, she knew she had to respond, so she said, “I’m sorry that happened and I’ll do better.”

“Fair enough,” said the principle.

“Well, I have to get going. Take care of my kids or I will be back,” he warned, “yes sir” I said. The principal, then told my colleague and I, “Get dressed and go back to your classrooms.”

In two weeks we have a teacher and parent conference scheduled. I just hope there’s no more complaints about me…

Tables Turn for Ann (part 2)

Ever since the time I was left alone with my brother and his friend, things have been very different in my family. On that day, they had me strip naked and spanked me. After my parents returned, I tried telling them that my brother had spanked me along with his friend Jeremy. Joey, my 12 year old brother, countered my complaint by telling them I had left the house without permission. To which of course my parents saw much more severe than having his older sister strip before his friend and spanked. Since then I’ve lost all the privileges that came with being the oldest child.

As a girl, I knew I would never have the same freedoms or privileges my brother had. Both mom and dad strongly believed in gender roles. Thus, I was under strict supervision and could hardly do anything without first asking for permission.

My “girl rules” include a list of chores that I have to do from Monday through Saturday. I have a strict dress code that tells me what I am allowed to wear. I’ve had the same bedtime since I was 12 years old. Also, I am told I’ll be spanked as long as I’m under their roof. My brother has never been spanked because according to dad “it’s a girl’s punishment.” I’m accustomed to being treated differently. However, these last few months, as I mentioned earlier, have not been easy.

As part of my father’s quest to replicate his authoritative self on my brother, he has given Joey full authority over me. In dad’s words I am to “respect him, serve him, and obey him” as if it were him. According to dad it was the perfect way to impress our unique roles on one another.

Joey, of course, was delighted by the idea. I would have been too if I were in his shoes. Every day he has me do things for him and I can’t refuse. It’s driven me to the point of snapping at him because he’s been so demanding of me. Joey has been spanking me up to four times a week.

Just 20 minutes ago he asked me to clean his shoes that were covered in mud. I had just gotten dressed to go to some stores with mom and now I had to get my hands dirty. I lashed out, “Couldn’t you be more careful Joey! I’m not going to clean your dirty shoes! You do it.”

“Dad said you have to do whatever I say,” he said.

“Well fuck dad and his rules!” I crossed the line…

Joey stood up and walked towards me, “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Follow me.”

My temper instantly vanished. Why hasn’t he pulled me over his lap to spank me? I followed him to the restroom. Inside, he was rinsing a bar of soap with water. Walking towards me with the soap in his hand he said, “forget the shoes, first I’m washing your mouth. Open up.”

I obediently opened my mouth and he slid the soap in. He escorted me to the kitchen stools where he instructed me to sit without removing the soap from my mouth. Mom passed by the kitchen to pick up her purse and said, “Oh Joey, do you need to discipline your sister right now? We were on our way to some stores.”

“I’m sorry mom, but rules are rules, Ann said the ‘F’ word to me and dad”

Mom replied, “You’re right sweetheart, I’m sorry for asking. Try to be a good girl Ann!”

If she only knew how hard it was to be a good girl. The soap tasted terrible in my mouth and I could feel it dripping on the side of my lip. Joey handed me a paper towel to clean up.

“Stay here Ann and don’t remove the soap until I get back,” said Joey.

It took him about 15 minutes for him to come back for me and another 25 minutes to at least to lose some of the taste of the soap. As always after being disciplined I apologized to Joey. Then I was off with mom to go shopping.

We stopped by a coffee shop before we going home. It was the perfect time to express my grievances with her. “It’s not fair mom! Why do I have to do whatever he says. I’m older than he is, why am I the one getting spanked.”

“Honey, it’s no different for me and I’m your mother. Every time you kids get in trouble, guess what dad does, he spanks me.”

I did not expect to hear that.”Really mom? You still get spanked?” I asked surprised.

“Why do you think I don’t intervene? It’s just how girls are raised in our families. I went through everything you’re going through growing up.”

” I’m sorry it’s hard for you, but your father means the best for you and your brother. Boys and girls are just wired and dealt with differently. Just be patient. The spankings get harder as you grow up but behaving gets easier.”

It was getting late but we decided to take a detour to a new store before going home. There was so much clothes to try on that we lost track of time. By the time we left, it was 9:55. Dad wanted us home by 10. No way are we getting home on time.

“you do realize we might get spanked tonight for being late right Ann?” asked mom.

“I know, but totally worth it.”

We walked in the front door and saw my Dad and my brother waiting for us in the living room.

“Where have you two been?” asked dad.

“I’m really sorry honey, we lost track of time,” said mom in an apologetic voice.

“take off your clothes both of you, son, could you help me spank your sister?” asked dad.

“sure,” Joey answered with no hesitation.

“Okay, ladies clothes off!” Ordered Dad, “son,  I’m going to show you how I deal with your mother, come with me.”

Both my brother and father stepped out of the room. Meanwhile, mom and I took off all of our clothes, beginning with our jeans, then our blouses, followed by our bras and panties. We folded our clothes neatly on the couch. Our jewelry we placed by the lamp stand next to the the couch. “Are you ready Ann?” asked mom, “I am now” I replied. I felt completely calm knowing my mom would also be joining me for this spanking. I think mom felt the same way.

“Well it’s our first mother and daughter spanking! It’s nice to have someone to share this with” mom said.

“I feel the same way mom…what did dad and Joey go to get?”

Before mom got a chance to answer my dad and brother came in with what looked like a cane on both their hands.

Now I was scared. I reached for my moms hand and she held me for a moment. But then dad told us to bend on the kitchen table which was right across the living room. I followed moms lead and placed my elbows flat on the table as she did. I could see from the corner of my eye that both my brother and father were standing behind our bare bottoms.

He then began to instruct my brother on how to use the cane.

“Joey, in a month from now your sister Ann will be a legal adult. That doesn’t mean she won’t be getting spanked anymore. For a grown woman there are such things as implements. I choose to spank women with a cane because I know they dread it. It only takes a few swats to make them break into tears. So, I want you to follow my lead and cane your sister as I do the same with your mom. Both girls will be getting 10 strokes.”

I’m sure Joey was as surprised as I was when he found out even grown women like mom can get spanked. Before he use to tease me and would call me a little girl.

“ready?” asked dad

“Ready!” answered Joey


The mere sound of the cane had me bend my knees to avoid the hit and “Oww!” I yelled. There’s no way I can get past 5, the cane hurt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. By the second swift I moved my butt to the side instantly to avoid getting hit on the same spot.

“Dad, Ann keeps moving,” I really hated Joey right now for snitching on me .

“They all start like that, Ann stay still so your brother can cane you”

“yes sir,” I said. But again, as soon as heard the ‘wooosh’ I moved. “She’s still doing it,” said Joey.

“Okay, let me finish with your mom then she can hold her down,” said dad. ‘I’m sorry mom,’ I thought because all I could hear was the sound of the cane and her bottom spanked. I could hear her crying out loud until finally she was done.

Mom immediately came and pinned my hands down on the table. “Alright Joey, she shouldn’t be able to move much now, go ahead and start from 1 and tell her to count out loud.”

“You heard him Ann, you need to count each stroke out loud,” said Joey.

I replied, “yes sir”

Ouch! “one”

Oww! “two”

I didn’t count a single number without my screaming in pain.

Once Joey finished spanking me, my mother and I thanked them for disciplining us.

Dad quickly added, “alright ladies, you will not be wearing any clothes for the rest of the night until tomorrow night.”

“yes sir” both mom and I said simultaniosly.

The next morning, I felt guilty for all the trouble and arguing I’ve caused with my brother. I went to his room, still naked, and said, “Joey, I’m really sorry because I’ve been angry with you, disobeying you, and answering back. It’s not because you were being a bad brother, its because I was being a bad girl.”

Finally, I surrendered and it felt good. I realize that a proper girl must always be respectful and obedient. Even if my brother is much younger he is still a man and I as a woman must obey and respect him.

Tables Turn for Ann

This Friday night I got invited to go out with a group of friends and my crush will be there. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but I told my parents before that I would help them look after my younger brother.

“I know I should stick to my commitment mom. I’m just asking for this once. I hardly ever go out and this Friday night is one in a million.”

“I’m sorry honey, but we have reservations and we need someone to look after your brother.”


“I’m done with this conversation, go to your room now,” mom ordered.

There goes my one chance to spend time with my crush Eric and I blew it. I’m stuck at home with my brother Joey.

It’s Friday. I get a call from Stacey asking if I’d be going. I gave up all my hopes and said no. “Oh my gosh are you serious? But Eric is going to be there,” as if I didn’t know that already.

I’m tired of being the good girl. I’m going. My brother is 12 I’m sure he can take care of himself.

Later that day it was time for my parents to leave for the night.

“Okay kids, we’ll be home tomorrow, be good” said mom. We nodded and said goodbye.

Quickly I ran upstairs and slipped into a cute summer dress and put on some makeup. Now I just need to convince my brother that he’ll be fine on his own and let me go.

“Hey, what you up to?” I asked Joey.

“Nothing, playing Xbox,” he responded.

“Cool… So…i was wondering, you’re old enough right? You can take care of yourself don’t you think?”

“Ann, mom said you can’t go out” he said rather authoritatively I might add.

Did he have to be such a grown up about this! I thought he’d like the idea of being on his own.

“Please Joey!” I begged, “is there anything I can do to convince you? I’ll do anything”

I know, I’m desperate. I just hope he won’t take advantage with this request.

“Wow, you must really want to go, can I call up Jeremy so he can sleep over?”

“Absolutely not! I can’t trust you two on your own”

“Then I guess you can’t go,” said Joey.

I’m so angry! Since when do I, his older sister, need to ask him for permission! I’m still going.

I put some music on in my room. I’m sure he won’t notice if I’m gone for an hour or two. All he does is play video games.

I went through my window and drove myself over to the mall where my friends were. I had such a great time that I didn’t regret anything. I even got to spend some time with Eric. But I had to go back home.

I got back home and went towards my window to get in. I saw in my bedroom Joey and Jeremy both sitting on my bed. I opened up the window, climed in, and was welcomed by the sound of their mischievous voices “hi Ann!.”

“Joey what are you doing! I told you we can’t have guests”

He responded, “and I told you that you couldn’t go out young lady!”

They giggled.

“You can’t talk to me like that I’m your older sister!”

“Oh yeah! Then why does daddy still spank you like a little girl.”

They laughed even louder.

It was true. Ever since I was a little girl  I got spanked and even now at 17. Joey has teased me before but never this bad.

“Joey! You promised not to tell anyone!”

“I know, but it’s more fun to tell”

“Whatever! I’ll let Jeremy stay overnight just please don’t tell mom and dad. Please, I beg you!”

“I don’t know… Maybe. How about you also take off your clothes so that Jeremy can see your spanked bum from yesterday? She got it real good for arguing about wanting to go out today!” Said Joey.

“No way she’s still spanked!” Said Jeremy.

“Really she is! You’ll see her red bum right now,” Joey answered.

“No he’s not! I’m calling mom and dad to tell them Jeremy is here without permission.”

“I’ll Tell them you told me Jeremy could come if I’d let you go with your friends,” Joey argued.

He got me good. There was no way to win this. I was in trouble. My parents always believe him over me.

“So then, are you going to do what we tell you?” Asked Joey.

I really had no choice, if he tells my parents they’ll spank me as soon as they get back then they’ll ground me for life. They always were overprotective of him. They’ll be really upset if they found out I left him alone. It’s easier to just do what Joey wants.

“Yes,” I agreed.

“That’s yes sir,” Said Jeremy. ” Good one Jeremy!” added Joey.

“Come on little girl! Show Jeremy your spanked butt. You should see her getting spanked, she gets all scared and starts crying.”

Jeremy casually commented, “Cool! I wish my sister got spanked too.”

I don’t blame Jeremy for saying that. I knew Jeremy’s sister and she’s a bitch! I do wish she’d get spanked as I am then she’d be a different person. I hope Jeremy never tells her about me or I’m ruined.

“My dad says girls should get spanked at any age. That’s why my sis. Always gets it when she misbehaves.”

Then Jeremy suddenly yelled with excitement, “We should totally spank her!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. No way will they ever spank me!

“That’s a great idea Jeremy, I’ll show you  how dad does it,” said Joey

“Hurry up Ann!” Joey yelled after seeing I hadn’t moved a muscle . “I’m wearing a dress Joey can’t I just lift it?”

If there’s anyway to avoid doing more I’ll do it.

“No take it off, I’m showing Joey how dad spanks you. Dad says girl’s skirts and dresses always get in the way.”

I unzipped the back of my dress pulled the straps off my shoulders and my dress instantly fell on the floor. I was wearing cute pair of white cotton panties with a little baby-blue bow on the front with a matching white bra to feel a bit more confident about myself with Eric, but I never expected this.

“Turn around so Jeremy can see your butt!”

I did as he asked but then complained, “Ann we can barely see your butt with your stupid panties, take them off!”

“Joey please don’t make me pull down my panties in front of Jeremy,” I begged while looking at him with the saddest face I can make. But it did nothing to change Joey`s mind.

“Okay I’ll just tell mom and dad then”

“No,” I replied

So I pulled down my panties. I saw my bottom earlier today so I know it’s still pink from my last spanking. I could hear the boys whispering and giggling behind me.

I heard Jeremy say, “I can’t believe it’s still kind of red from yesterday”

Then Joey replied, “yeah, dad spanks her pretty hard. It’s funny seeing her trying to sit comfortably in the dinning room chairs with no cushion..”

“Can I put on my cloths now Joey? I did what you asked.”

“No Ann you were gone for almost two hours it’s only fair you pay us back with two hours. Now we’re going to spank you.”

“What!!! Joey please don’t spank me! I’m not your little girl. I’m your older sister.”

“Dad says girls should do whatever boys tell them to do and you owe me. Come on, we’re going to spank you like daddy does in the living room.”

The only thing to comfort me was knowing that maybe this spanking wouldn’t hurt much considering they were barely 12 years old. No way can they spank as hard as dad. I followed them to the living room wearing only my bra. They both sat across from each other in two different couches.

“I’m going to show Jeremy how dad spanks you first. Dad doesn’t like her wearing clothes when she’s punished.”

“So you mean she shouldn’t be wearing a bra?” said Jeremy.

“That’s so true! take it off Ann, you should know better!”

That’s it I can’t take it anymore.

“You know what, I’d much rather take a spanking from dad I don’t care if you tell him what I did.” I exclaimed.

“Are you sure Ann? Dad is also going to ground you for a while. He doesn’t like it when you lie.”

He’s right. My parents would overreact if they found out their ‘youngest’ child was left home alone and they’ll never trust me with anything again. I have to go through with this. I reached towards my back and took off my bra. Now I was completely undressed.

“Okay, now get over my lap little girl. You’re gonna get a spanking.” I laid across my brother’s lap. For the first time ever I was to be spanked by my brother.

“My dad usually spanks Ann with his hand. You have to make the shape of her butt so you can make sure you get her good. He also says it’s not really a spanking unless she starts crying.” After his demonstration he began adopting a rhythym to the sound of my spanked bottom.

After getting several spanks I could actually feel him hurting my bottom! This was not suppose to happen! I caught myself starting to moan after I felt the spanking hurting my bottom. He knew perfectly well it was hurting me because he went louder and faster. Suddenly, I yelled “OWW! OWW!” Followed by a pleading, “please Joey stop…I’m not a little girl” but he spanked harder, “yes you are, and you have to learn.”

I could feel tears beginning to build up. Then, Jeremy interrupted, “can I spank her now?”

“Oh yeah! sure Jeremy. Get up Ann!” he ordered me giving some taps to my bottom to move faster.

I walked towards Jeremy. Now I am to be spanked by another boy younger than I. He sat up straight with his arms on his side indicating me to lay across his lap. I’m so use to the routine that I just did so instantly.

For a new-bee, Jeremy spanked as hard as my brother. Maybe it was just that my bottom was already sore but I couldn’t hold it any longer. I started to cry.

“Look Jeremy she’s crying! Does it hurt you little girl?” It really did so, I nodded.

“Good girl!” added Joey giving me an additional spank to my bottom.

“I’m done spanking her Joey, now what?”

Joey replied, “Now she gets corner-time”

“Corner-time? Really? Wow, I stopped getting corner time since I was like 4” they laughed. “she really is a little girl,” Jeremy said. Again they continued to redicule me, but I didn’t mind as much as I minded my sore bottom. If I could go just one week without getting spanked I’d be glad.

“Ann, we’re going to go play some video games. We want you to stand facing the corner until we’re finished do you understand?”

“yes,” I said in a broken squeaky voice from the crying.

“yes what?”

“yes sir.”

No questions asked I went straight to the corner. He did everything exactly how dad does it. There is no doubt in me that my brother will be as strict and firm as my dad.

Corner-time is always done naked and there’s no reason Joey would change that now. I don’t know exactly how long I stood there but it felt like an eternity. Especially because I could hear Jeremy behind me asking Joey more about how I get disciplined.

“so after every spanking she has to do corner time naked?”

“Oh yeah! Dad says its so that she thinks about what she did and learns to be more respectful to others”

“Does she get spanked often?”

“Almost every week. Sometimes she’ll get away with it for a while but then she ends up right over dad’s lap eventually.”

Finally Joey told me, “Okay Ann, you’re done now go to bed its past your bedtime”

“No it’s not!” I protested, “excuse me? do you want to get spanked again?”

“No sir” I replied.

“Good girl”

I couldn’t argue with him knowing he knew how to put a girl in her place. I went straight to my room, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.

1 day later

I forgot to take out the trash over the weekend. I’m naked over my dads lap and he asks:

“Ann why is your bottom still red? It’s been days since I last spanked you,”

Finally, a chance to get back at my brother for what he did to me, “My brother spanked me”

” Is this true Joey?”said dad

“Yes she deserved it,” answered Joey.

“That’s my boy! Come here and spank your sister for me will you?”

Not what I was expecting…


Lily’s Secret

“I’d love to, but like I said earlier I can’t! It’s late and I need to get home soon,” said Lily with a voice of urgency to her boyfriend.

The two love birds had been dating for three weeks now. Dave certainly found her attractive and loved every part about her. Lily was very sweet and thoughtful. She was the type of girl that would never get in trouble and found the best in everyone. Yet, for some reason, Dave felt that despite being her friend and now boyfriend for nearly a month he is no where closer to knowing her. She refused to invite him to her home and made little mention of her family. It seemed as if he knew only the part of her everyone else knew and saw everyday.

‘How can someone be so concerned about someone they hardly mention?’ Dave asked himself. ‘why is she so concerned with always keeping the rules?’

“It’s barely 9:30 Lily, what’s the rush?” Dave protested.

“I have to get my stuff together for tomorrow Dave, now please take me home!”

He finally gave in to Lily’s request and drove her home after spending an eventful evening in a friendly get-together. They hardly spoke on their way to Lily’s house. She seemed tense, the kind of look Dave would have if he were told to jump of a building for a sky dive.

Traffic was more slow than usual. Ever since the construction on the interstate began taking place it’s taken longer to get to places. This did not make it any easier on Lily’s nerves. What was suppose to be a 20 minute drive doubled. Cars were bumper to bumper and to make matters worst some moron rear-ended another driver causing less available lanes.

Dave was sure Lily leaped as her phone rang and yelled, “Oh my gosh, it’s dad!”

“Hello…hey dad…I know we’re stuck on traffic, there was an accident…yes we’re safe”

Never had Dave pictured Lily as liar, but that changed when he heard:

“oh yeah…Roxanne is driving me home…I’ll be there soon…bye”

“Roxanne?” asked Dave, “does your dad have any idea about us?”

“I still haven’t told him,” said Lily.

It seemed Lily’s father did not buy her story for one bit. As Dave pulled over in front of Lily’s house her dad stood under the lit porch. With Dave’s bulky body and facial hair there was no way her dad would confuse him for Roxanne. He walked towards the car and Lily shriveled on her seat.

Dave lowered his window, “Hello Sir, I’m Dave.”

“No…you’re Roxanne” said Lily’s dad sarcastically. “Are you Lily’s boyfriend?”

“Yes sir, I am. I’m sorry she’s home late. We got stuck in traffic with all the construction.”

“Why don’t you join us inside Dave, and meet the family,” said Lily’s dad.

Lily was silent. ‘dad wouldn’t, would he?’ she wondered. Both teens walked out of the car and walked towards the house before Lily’s dad. By the entrance stood Lily’s mother who introduced herself, “Hello Lily, where have you been? Didn’t expect company.” she then turned her attention to Dave, “Hello, I’m Mrs. Hensley and I’m sure you’ve met my husband, please take a seat.” Dave introduced himself and took a seat in the living room. He never took his eye off Lily, why did she look so worried, he wondered.

Dave’s thoughts were interrupted by her dad, “so Lily, you’ve been quiet. It’s rude enough you didn’t introduce us to Dave.” Lily muttered making it difficult to understand what she was saying. She tried again, “I was going to tell you, we’ve been dating for three weeks. He’s nice.”

“I’m really disappointed in you for hiding this from us, but not only that, you lied to us. How exactly did you think this would help your case?”

Dave was beginning to feel uncomfortable and tried to dismiss himself but Lily’s dad quickly responded, “Dave, no, please stay. Look I appreciate your honesty and I’m sure you’re a great guy and thank you for at least trying to get Lily home on time. Still, we care about her safety and she knows as so should you that we have rules for her to keep and if she decides to break those rules there are consequences…”

“Dad please!” Lily pleaded full of embarrassment. “hush! I’m talking! Go for your hairbrush.”

“Dad no!”

“Do as you’re told.”

Lily left the room nearly dragging her feet with the sound of what sounded like crying. Dave could see her sweet caramel eyes were soaked in tears as she walked out. Dave finally discovered why Lily was always silent about her family life. All this time she was embarrassed and afraid that someday, someone, may find out that she was a 19 year old spanked daughter.

The brush must be somewhere very accessible, because in no time did she return with her face buried in her hair and a brush in her hand. She walked towards her father and handed the brush to him who was conveniently seated in the center of a three-seat sofa. He took the brush from her hand and placed it next to where he was seated.

To Dave, Lily looked exceptionally beautiful that night. She wore a pair of dark blue jeans that fit tightly to her body highlighting the curves of her legs and her gorgeous round bottom. Although Dave never shared nor acted on his fantasies with her, he always had a deep appreciation for how her bottom looked. Her blouse made a beautiful contrast with her jeans with its pearly white color and what looked like golden sparkling dots of glitter.

Dave felt guilty throughout the series of events. He knew his girlfriend was about to get spanked and humiliated knowing the person she loves was watching. Meanwhile, Dave was enjoying every moment.

Lily’s dad grabbed her by the waist to move her closer. Quickly, he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. He tugged on each side to free her from the tight jeans around her magnificent body. Underneath she wore pink bikini panties with floral prints all around. The edge of her panties had lace all around making Lily look even more girly and innocent than what she already looked. Dave loved how well her pink panties matched with her white blouse and wondered if she’d chose to wear them for him.

Lily’s dad then pulled her across his knee tucked Lily under his arm and grabbed the brush next to him. He then spanked her with the brush on each cheek making a clapping sound that made it clear to Dave how much Lily’s bottom was hurting with every brush stroke she got. The brave girl tried to keep herself together and not scream or cry out loud to avoid further embarrassing herself in front of Dave, but it was no use.

Dave noticed Lily’s bottom was beginning to show shades of pink around her panties. It was then when her dad grabbed the waistband and pulled down her panties. She tried to resist by raising her feet and pushing her legs together, but her dad spanked her harder and yelled, “stay still or you will get more!” Lily surrendered and lowered her feet allowing her panties to slide down her ankles. It was not long after that her panties fell completely off her legs and laid on the floor. Her father had left her bottom very red.

Lily cried, “Ouch!” “Please!” “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry!” But this got her no sympathy from her father.

Suddenly, Dave remembered bumping into Lily’s mother. After all the commotion he had forgotten all about her. He noticed she was also watching from the doorway. He was worried she might notice Dave’s excitement and turned around to try to read her thoughts. Mrs. Hensley noticed him looking at her and she indicated him with her finger to continue to watch her daughter’s spanking. He gladly turned around and watched.

Lily’s dad released her from his grip and she stood reaching towards her bottom with her hands until her dad stopped her and said, “Nu-uh, you know the rules, no rubbing. Now go face the corner here in the living room.” Lily, still crying from her spanking walked and faced the wall with her hands behind her head.

“Well Dave, it was a pleasure meeting you. I’m sorry you had to watch that but girls will be girls, and you have to be consistent and spank them when they earn it. I know it was partly your fault, I’m certainly not going to force you two to break up, but I do expect you to remember what happens when she breaks the rules. I also expect you to help her keep them.”

Dave was finally home still at awe at what he had seen. He was afraid things would be awkward the next day at school.

The very next day, there she was, the same cheerful girl Dave always knew. It was as if nothing had happened the night before. She met him with a kiss and they walked together into their school. Yes, she walked a little funny, but other than that, Dave discovered something new. Lily was a happy girl, she’s never complained about her parents nor their rules. As far as she knew, she was loved and cared for. This was Lily’s Secret.